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What if there is a way to make money by simply helping your friends, family, and loved ones save and manage their money. Imagine a world where money is not an issue. Imagine all of life’s possibilities if you are financially free. Picture your life if you did not have to trade time for money. Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we have been waiting for, we are the change we seek. The world needs to Wake Up Now.

With the current economic turmoil, financial literacy is necessary to society. Wake Up Now is a financial wellness software company that was founded in 2009 based out of Utah. It offers software, savings, and online banking all in one location for you to conveniently and efficiently save and manage your money while protecting your identity. By simply sharing this concept you can create a residual source of income.

Wake Up Now - Kirby CochranWake Up Now is led by an experienced management team. Our CEO Kirby Cochran wrote a best-selling book called Pillars of Inflection, which covers fundamental strategies for explosive company growth. He has closely consulted numerous multi-million dollar companies and he has raised over a billion dollars in equity and debt financing. The president Jason Elrod partnered with successful venture capital firms where he built and managed both public and private high growth enterprises. He has been featured to speak at events all around the world. Together their mission is to help people out of debt, and get them on track to financial freedom.

Network marketing is a $154 billion dollar industry worldwide, and it creates more six-figure income earners than any other profession. It is currently the second highest paying industry in the world behind professional athleticism. What really defines Wake Up Now is our wide-ranging of valuable products and services backed by unparalleled compensation plan. As a member you get access to a multi-million dollar savings platform called the hub. The hub offers plenty of tools to help you save money on stuff that we buy every single day. Online shopping cashback deals, vacation discounts, mobile plan discounts, grocery discounts just to name a few are all designed to save you well over a hundred dollars a month. That is just a fraction of what Wake Up Now has to offer its members.

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WakeUpNow-Products and ServicesAs independent business owners we get the benefits tax deductions. Traditionally business owners would have to save receipts, calculate the numbers, and waste precious time to get their deductions. Well not anymore, TAXBOT is a one-touch tax relief app that makes it easy to save thousands on your taxes. The mobile app and online system help save you time, and money. It tracks your business mileage automatically, and stores receipts quickly by simply taking a picture with your smart phone.

Not only does Wake Up Now help you save money on a daily basis, but also provides you with the sophisticated financial management software that puts you in complete control of your assets. Wun Finance is a program designed to help you manage all your accounts in one place. All your transactions are automatically categorize to show your spending habits. The Budget Manager helps you interact with your budgets like never before, sending you e-mail alerts and text messages to keep you within your set limits. All these features are designed to instantly manage your debt and get you back on track. With all the money that you’re saving your dream vacation is only a click away with Wake Up Now.

Traveling the world just became easy and affordable. Introducing Wake Up Now’s Vacation Club. Get access to your own personal travel agent with over two million weeks of timeshares, condos, resorts, and cruises, all available to you at a fraction of the normal cost. Discovered just how easy it is to take your family on that dream vacation without breaking the bank. While you’re at it learn the language of your dream destination with Wun Speak. Our language learning software uses award-winning methods to help you learn up to eighty foreign languages with ease. Wake Up Now also provides identity theft protection powered by Invisus, a leader in digital age protection. Protect your money, your identity, and your future with ID defense, computer tech support, and cyberhood watch. Looking for some all natural energy? Wake up and stay up with Awaken Thunder. Our Awaken line is in filled with anti-oxidant, packed super foods and vitamins. Get the energy you need now without the crash later.

Wake Up Now – Opportunity

Wake Up Now - IBOUnlike traditional businesses Wake Up Now does not spend their advertising budget on commercials, billboards, or magazine ads. Instead they pay their members to share this life-changing opportunity by word of mouth. Think of it like a referral system. You pay only $99.95 for all the amazing products, services and benefits. Once you refer three people to a platinum package your monthly membership is now free. Once that is accomplished, help your referrals get their membership free also. At that point you will have a total number of 12 people in your organization and are qualified to run a residual income of six hundred dollars a month. We simply call it B3, H3, G3. Bring 3, Help 3, Get 3. Get paid to become a product of the product and be a living testimonial of the benefits to being a Wake Up Now member. Bottom line, this company puts more money in your pocket than what it cost to be on board. This opportunity is literally a self-development program with a compensation plan. Whoever grows the most as a person and helps change the lives of more people wins. Fortunately with Wake Up Now the sky is most definitely not the limit.

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